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The Department of Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum houses an extensive collection of objects which illustrate the cultures of the Nile Valley, from the Neolithic period (about 10,000 BC) until the present day. The Department also houses an important archive relating to Egyptology and Nubian Studies, and one of the leading research libraries in this subject area.

Alongside the permanent display, the collection, archive and library is made accessible through touring exhibitions, loans, by appointment and through Collection Online. The Department’s research staff develop exhibitions on aspects of the cultures of Egypt and Sudan, while also leading research on particular themes related to the collection, resulting in publications for both scholarly and other audiences. Fieldwork in Egypt and Sudan, often in collaboration with UK and international institutions, forms part of this research. The Department also provides training programmes and research scholarships for scholars, curators and archaeologists from Egypt and Sudan.

Further objects from Egypt and Sudan are housed in the Departments of Greece and Rome, Middle East, Africa Oceania & the Americas, Coins & Medals, Britain, Europe & Prehistory, and Asia.


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Egypt & Sudan newsletter

Egypt and Sudan newsletter 2

A yearly illustrated newsletter presenting the British Museum’s work in, and on the subject of, Egypt and Sudan.

The newsletter includes updates on excavations, research projects, new exhibitions, galleries and training programmes.

The short articles are written by specialists from across the Departments of the British Museum, but also by external scholars who have collaborated with the Museum, or researched aspects of the collection.

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