Issue 16:  January 2011


The annual Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation Distinguished Lecture in Egyptology has become an established part of the Egyptological calendar in London, with prominent scholars presenting the latest research on aspects of ancient Egypt. The 2009 lecture, published here, was delivered by Tamás Bács, and provided a fitting introduction to the colloquium on the Book of the Dead.

This issue also brings together reports on three British Museum fieldwork projects in the Nile Valley (Tell el-Balamun, Hagr Edfu/Elkab and Amara West), alongside an additional article from the Third International Colloquium on Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt.

Neal Spencer, Elisabeth O'Connell


The last New Kingdom tomb at Thebes: the end of a great tradition?
Tamás Bács

Cemetery D at Amara West: the Ramesside Period and its aftermath
Michaela Binder, Neal Spencer and Marie Millet

British Museum Expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu, 2010
Vivian Davies and Elisabeth R. O'Connell

Nabta Playa Black-topped pottery: Technological innovation and social change
Kit Nelson and Eman Khalifa

Tell el-Balamun 2010
A. J. Spencer