Issue 18: August 2012


This issue of BMSAES contains the proceedings of the Annual International Egyptological Colloquium, entitled Mariners and traders: Connections between the Red Sea littoral, Arabia and beyond, and Rudolfo Fattovich’s Raymond and Beverley Sackler Foundation Distinguished Lecture in Egyptology, ‘Egypt’s trade with Punt: Recent discoveries on the Red Sea coast,' both held at The British Museum on 2 August 2011. 

Professor Fattovich’s contribution neatly summarizes a decade of extraordinary finds at Middle Kingdom Mersa Gawasis/Wadi Gawasis on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The colloquium papers present other important, new fieldwork elucidating ancient maritime and over-land routes connecting Egypt to the Levant, East Africa, Arabia, Central Asia and India and dating from as early as the Old Kingdom through the Byzantine period. 

Julie Anderson, who organised the colloquium, guest-edited the volume. Editorial assistance was provided by Tifffany Chezum, Ruiha Smalley, Alice Springuel, Michaela Binder, Elisabeth R. O'Connell and especially Topy Fiske.

Elisabeth R. O’Connell


Egypt’s trade with Punt: New discoveries on the Red Sea Coast
Rodolfo Fattovich

Glassware from Roman Egypt at Begram (Afghanistan) and the Red Sea trade
Rachel Mairs

From the sea to the deserts and back: New research in Eastern Sudan
Andrea Manzo

Ras Budran and the Old Kingdom trade in Red Sea shells and other exotica
Gregory Mumford

Ayn Sukhna and Wadi el-Jarf: Two newly discovered pharaonic harbours on the Suez Gulf
Pierre Tallet

Port communities and the Erythraean Sea trade
Ross I. Thomas

From the Roman Red Sea to beyond the Empire: Egyptian ports and their trading partners
Roberta Tomber

Building pharaoh’s ships: Cedar, incense and sailing the Great Green
Cheryl Ward

A preliminary assessment on the pottery assemblage from the port town of Adulis (Eritrea)
Chiara Zazzaro and Andrea Manzo