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Issue 20: May 2013


This issue provides a welcome cross-section of studies on museum collections (Van Aerde) and archives (Thomas and Villing), monuments in situ (Gregory and Davies) and results from British Museum fieldwork projects, new (Thomas and Villing) and completed (Davies).

Elisabeth R. O'Connell


Concepts of Egypt in Augustan Rome: Two case studies of cameo glass from The British Museum
M. E. J. J. Van Aerde

The role of the Iwn-mwt.f in the New Kingdom monuments of Thebes
Steven R. W. Gregory

The Tomb of Sataimau at Hagr Edfu: An overview
W. Vivian Davies

Naukratis revisited 2012: Integrating new fieldwork and old research
Ross I. Thomas and Alexandra Villing