Issue 6: October 2006


The present issue of BMSAES (British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan) presents a new departure from previous issues, as it consists of a set of papers presented at the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan's 2005 International Colloquium 'Egypt and the Hittites'. The background to this Colloquium was the marking of fifty years since the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities was split into the Department of Egyptian Antiquities (now the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan) and the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities (now Department of the Ancient Near East). The subject of the complex relationships between the two countries made for a most interesting meeting, organised by Vivian Davies.

We hope that readers will find their horizons broadened by the introduction of material on this site which is not exclusively from Egypt and the Sudan. The speed with which it has proved possible to publish these papers shows one of the great advantages of electronic publication.

On a technical note, readers should note that in the interests of expediency, I have kept the referencing systems used by the different authors, who come from several different fields, and have not attempted to make them consistent, although notes of common abbreviations used in Hittite publications have been given to help the Egyptologist. I hope this will not be unduly disturbing to our readers.

Nigel Strudwick


The ‘Eternal Treaty’ from the Hittite perspective
Trevor Bryce

Pharoah and his Brothers
Stefan Jakob

High society and lower ranks in Ramesside Egypt at home and abroad
K.A. Kitchen

The failed reforms of Akhenaten and Muwatalli
Itamar Singer

Forerunners of the Hattusili-Ramesses treaty
Dietrich Sürenhagen

Le messager royal egyptien Pirikhnawa
Alain Zivie