A catalogue of the Russian icons in the British Museum

By Yury Bobrov / Edited by Chris Entwistle

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I would like to thank both Saul Peckham, our departmental photographer, for his valiant work on re-shooting in digital format, at very short notice, the entire collection of Russian icons, and Steve Crummy, our departmental illustrator, for the two maps in the volume.

A project such as this presents considerable technical problems and I owe a debt of gratitude to David Prudames (Web team), Paul Cole (Information Services programmer), and last, but by no means least, Julia Stribblehill, Web Liaison Documentation Officer, who achieved wonders under great pressure towards the end of the project.

Thanks are also due to Josephine Turquet for copy-editing the catalogue and Stella Rock for her sympathetic translation of the Introduction.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge both Lynne Harrison and Dick Temple who both offered valuable comments on the catalogue. 

Chris Entwistle
June 2008

60. Icon of The Mother of God Tikhvinskaya

60. Icon of The Mother of God Tikhvinskaya